I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

21 May

Daft Punk certainly aren’t new, but Random Access Memories is. When I first heard that the album was coming out, I was far too excited. When ‘Get Lucky’ dropped, my erection tore through my trousers and I passed out in an equal amount of agony and shame. But it doesn’t matter. A new Daft Punk album is coming, I thought, and my mother can sew.

I’m not sure how, but I somehow managed to avoid listening to the streams and pirated copies released last week. The 4 minutes I’d heard of Get Lucky were enough to know that I was going to enjoy it, so I waited until my iTunes pre-order came through and pressed play on my iPod while I made a cup of tea in the kitchen. The opening 10 seconds say a lot about the new album. Drums and guitars wind around each-other in such an unabashedly ridiculous fashion that it could only come from the minds of two french men who regularly don robot helmets and sing about Digital Love. It is reminiscent of the opening sequence from Justice’s Audio, Video, Disco yet where Horsepower channels the 80’s Heavy Metal that so clearly influences that album, disco shines all the way through on R.A.M.

But not just disco, some of the string arrangements would fit well in a film set in feudal Japan (in fact, all of the string sections could score a film so terrifyingly awesome that I’d be afraid to see it), certain segments of the album remind me of the structure of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, and one moment in Touch is evocative of the breakdown in A Day in the Life. Pharrell even manages to channel (a cheap) Michael Jackson on Lose Yourself to Dance.

It’s both new and old in so many different ways. It revives some music from the past, sprinkles in a dash of the present and some of the future but every ounce of it has that Daft Punk touch. At the same time, it’s not Homework, it’s not Human After All, it’s not Discovery and that’s why it’s so brilliant.

In other news, I’ve had a calamitous day. I dropped my iPod and smashed the screen so badly that it resembles a poor man’s mosaic before managing to get lost in the labyrinthian streets not 200 metres from my own house. The only reason for this being that I decided that I needed an extra few minutes to strut around listening to Daft Punk before I went home to read A Dance With Dragons, the fifth installment in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

These books have rekindled my love for reading faster than a petrol bomb on a campfire. Since I picked up the first book I’ve raced through each one, page after page, always ensuring that I have the next book waiting and ready to read should I suddenly finish. And soon I’ll be caught up. I’m going to be driven to creating my own monstrous fan-fiction soon, saturated with shameless sex scenes and gratuitous violence and lacking in everything that actually makes the books as good as they are.

Tyrion’s flaccid member trailed across the cobblestones behind him as dragons paraded across the skies above, raining the charred remains of his family on the streets of King’s Landing around him. 

If George R.R. Martin dies, you know where to find me.

I’ve also been re-watching The Simpsons. Seasons 4 and 8 so far, with 5 waiting for me tonight. I won’t be going further than season 9, but I’m definitely going to enjoy all 9 of the first seasons over the next few months. Some of the more subtle jokes flew way over my head when I originally watched them and as an adult(?) I’m definitely appreciating the show a lot more, as well as the excellent commentary that comes with each episode.

And that’s it, I guess.



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