Of Rabbits and Rebels

17 Sep

Well, yesterday I went to see the film Lawless. Mostly because I could get free tickets but also because of the incredible cast (including Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Guy Pierce) and because the great Nick Cave adapted the screenplay.

The man, the myth, the moustache.

The book that the screenplay is based on, ‘The Wettest County in the World’, was written by Matt Bondurant, the grandson of Jack Bondurant (played by the usually terrible Shia LaBeouf in the film) and is based on fact.

The film is about a trio of (allegedly immortal) moonshining brothers in late prohibition era America who are dragged into a feud with a newly appointed deputy (Pierce) who is attempting to put an end to the bootlegging that is rampant in the countryside surrounding Chicago. The brothers, having already built a violent reputation for themselves, do not take kindly to the idea of paying protection to continue their illegal business and a war begins and ends with a delightful amount of cut throats and bullet holes.

Tom Hardy’s character, Forest, who is the leader of the three brothers is incredible to watch. As the film progresses he is given more and more reason to believe the legends that have surrounded his and his brothers’ lives and the viewer is given more and more reason to believe that he is the hardest bastard that has and ever will walk the face of the earth.

Another reason I liked this film so much is that it’s the first time I can say that I honestly did not hate Shia LaBeouf. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that he’s pretty damn good.

I could write a whole lot more about this film. I could talk about the great soundtrack, I could talk in-depth about how good Guy Pierce is at playing one of the most detestable characters I have ever watched on-screen and I could talk about how much of a presence Gary Oldman projects (even though he’s only really in the film for about five minutes), but this paragraph right here will do.

I’d rather talk about Frightened Rabbit playing in the Empire and how much better a concert is when you’re being paid to watch it rather than paying to watch it. Aside from being especially pleased by this minor victory, I’d definitely pay good money to see that band play again.

Although I’d listened to most of their music beforehand, beginning with The Midnight Organ Fight back in 2008, I feel like I’d never actually heard their music until hearing them play it live. Listening to them now I feel like something is missing from the CDs, some atmosphere that just can’t be recorded.

For myself, the stand-out moments from the night were the exceptionally played acoustic version of Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms, Swim Until You Can’t See Land, closer Keep Yourself Warm and getting to go on-stage to clean up a spillage (mid-song) and staring back out at the crowd like a deer in the headlights. I almost said ‘like a frightened rabbit’, almost.

‘It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm’

Also, having annoyed the band afterwards and demanding a photo like the selfish prick I am, I can say that they seem like really cool guys who were more than willing to spare five minutes to indulge an irritating fan while being as nice as humanly possibly as I invaded their space. I’d like to thank them for not giving me the impression that they wanted to stab me and carry my mutilated remains around with them on the rest of their tour as a warning to others.



3 Responses to “Of Rabbits and Rebels”

  1. Aaron Hamilton September 17, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    I’ve enjoyed having a wee gander over your blog Gav; keep up the good work! Didn’t realize you were so into writing.

    ps. well done for not picking tumblr.


  2. Ramus September 18, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    I agree with you about “Lawless”. It’s a good entertaining yarn and the acting was GREAT and the shots were magnificent and there were many moments of humor…about as many and of a similar ambiance to the humor in “Goodfellas”. It’s a gem…not one false note. Most critics are such jerks. I wish it had been film with good film..but it was low budget and they had no choice…so it’s a tad fuzzy sometimes in the distance shots. I’ve seen it four times. – Saw “The Master” terrific acting..and feh..not even close to the yarn “Lawless” spins.

  3. tseudo September 18, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    Cheers Aaron! Yeah, I write a lot when I can. Fuck tumblr.

    I have yet to see The Master, ramus, but I can’t wait to do so.

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