29 Feb

It might be because we’re tidying our house at the minute, but it’s recently come to my attention that the amount of useless shit in my house is staggering. Well, tidying is a bit of an understatement. We’re really getting rid of the massive amount of shit that has just continuously built up over the last few months. After a few too many drinking sessions in the house, combined with all of the crap I’ve accumulated myself over the years, an army of flies would probably be more at home in the house than the people actually living there.

I get that, according to stereotypes, students houses are supposed to be an abomination but I just can’t get over the sheer amount of stuff in the house. ‘Stuff’ is really the only word for it, none of it is particularly important to me and I hardly use any of it, ever. I suppose ‘shit’ would also be applicable and ‘absolute fucking shite’ if you want to want to really drive the point home, which I do. My room alone has 3 plastic boxes (Quite large as well) just filled with absolute fucking shite that I’ve decided is necessary for my survival. Empty bottles of whiskey have been thrown in there, dozens of DVDs that I’m probably never going to watch again, comic books and a massive pile of notes from my university work that are just in no manageable order. Honestly, burning that pile for heat would probably be the most productive thing I could do with it.

The worst part about having all of this stuff is that when I move house in the summer I haven’t got a clue what to do with it. I suppose I’ll end up having to take it all with me. It’s not as if I want it all or anything, but when I think about throwing some of it out, which I should, I worry that some time, maybe not in the near-future, but some time from now I’ll need it. There could be one page buried in that mound that is really fucking important. Why don’t I just sort through it? Because that would take effort. A whole lot of effort. A whole lot of effort that I am just not willing to put into such a menial task.

So I won’t. I’ll leave it there, tidy around it and when moving time comes I’ll most likely load it into the car and bring it with me. When I think about it, this is probably how hoarders start off.  It won’t be long before I’m digging tunnels into the mounds of shit that I own, screaming ‘No bins! I will not have a bin in this house! All of this stuff is extremely important to me!’ and cradling armfuls of empty wrappers.

Before I finish, I’ll just mention that I watched a great documentary this week called ‘Dig!’. At it’s core its a documentary spanning seven years of the careers of two bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols but it’s also a study of an extremely deranged and, at times, dangerously disturbed individual. Its an extremely entertaining film that I’d recommend to anyone.



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