No, I don’t do anything besides watching TV.

22 Feb

After no more than a few weeks, Ihave watched all four seasons of Breaking Bad. The fifth and final series can’t come sooner. Walter White has been through a lot since the series started and it says a lot for Bryan Cranston (the actor playing him) that after witnessing it I almost feel like I’ve been there with him. It’s been a great show so far and the fifth series is shaping up to be the best yet. I don’t want to give away too much, as I know that many of the people reading this won’t have watched the entire show. So, if you haven’t, do yourself a favour and start watching. You won’t be disappointed.

In other news, I’ve finally watched a film I’ve been meaning to see for a long time. Apocalypse Now. I’m not sure why I’ve never watched it. I’m sure I’ve had the opportunity several times but I’m glad I waited. I feel like I was finally ready to see it and appreciate it for what it really is, a masterpiece. I’m not sure if it’s my favourite film ever, but while I was watching it I couldn’t help but repeat “This might be the best film I’ve ever seen” to myself. Everything about it is spectacular. The soundtrack, the trippy visuals, everything. It’s a perfect depiction of how chaotic war really is and how it can effect the people involved. We see people dealing with the madness by embodying it and others trying their hardest to resist the tugs on their sanity.

The film suitably opens with The Doors’ song ‘The End.’ and immediately drops you into what must definitely have seemed like the end of days for all involved. The spinning blades of a ceiling fan become the whirring noise from a Black Hawk in Captain Willard’s already fractured mind as he lies, waiting for a mission, in a hotel room. The war has already fucked him up  and yet he’s itching to get back into the midst of it.

“It wasn’t just insanity and murder; there was enough of that to go around for everyone.”

Another film that I’ve only recently watched for the first time is David Lynch’s Eraserhead. As a fan of his other work, I was still not expecting what Eraserhead delivered. Anyone with any experience of Lynch will know that his films are always surreal, open to interpretation and sometimes, fucking horrifying. Eraserhead supplies all three of these factors in abundance. Specifically the ‘fucking horrifying’ part.There’s a newborn ‘baby’ in a fit of hysterical, mocking laughter, a woman who appears to dwell inside a radiator and perform song and dance numbers and a scene involving several worm-like things being removed from a woman’s body. For all these individual scenes, the most disturbing aspect of the film was the atmosphere that permeated the film from start to finish. The choice to shoot the film in black and white, the strange, industrial noises plaguing the soundtrack and the obscurity of the characters living in this world are, on their own, enough to make me never want to be in the room when this brilliant, disturbing, awful film is on again. And it is great. Ultimately, how can you criticise a film for making you feel uncomfortable and terrified when that’s exactly what it sets out to do.

So fuck you, Mr. Lynch, you brilliant man.

I’d intended to make this post a lot longer than this. I really can’t think of anything else to include, though. An hour ago I had a head full of ideas for a blog post and as soon as I sat down to write about them, they vanished as they so often do. So, instead of wracking my brain for a pathetic excuse for an interesting topic I’ll quit while I’m ahead and hopefully have something better for next time.



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