Underwhelming Return Post

10 Jan

It’s January. I’m sure that has been brought to your attention already, but it’s probably worth mentioning. This blog has been dormant for three weeks now. Three weeks is a considerable amount of time. A lot of time for things to happen. But, now that I find myself returning to this, I can’t think of one fucking thing that I could write about. I mean there is a lot, but nothing that seems important.

I finished writing the first draft of a play. A short monologue about a recovering heroin addict. I’ve been told it’s not that great but hey, it’s a first draft. A lot could change between now and its final shape. It could be a masterpiece yet. My hopes aren’t that high for it. But I did enjoy writing it, so while I give myself a break from it before I go back and edit it I need something else to work on. I could try to fix up any one of the short stories that I’ve started and abandoned but I’m craving something new. So, I’ll start that soon. Maybe tonight, we’ll see.

I’ve been playing a lot of the latest Zelda game. Skyward Sword. It really is great. Saying that it is a complete re-invention of the series would, perhaps, be a step too far. It definitely does change things up, however.  A recent boss battle had me set down my Wii remote and take a gulp of my beer before carrying on. I was in awe of it. I haven’t finished it yet, in fact as far as I’m aware, I’m only a little over half way through it but I can definitely see this as being one of, if not my favourite game of the series.

To be honest, I can’t think of anything else of note that I could write about. I’m sure there is something in my head that someone would find interesting but there’s no way I’m going to sit here and think of something. So, instead of doing that I’m going to go ahead and post a piece of flash fiction that I wrote a couple of years ago. It isn’t the most intelligent piece of writing ever. It isn’t the most interesting either. But it is composed of words (Only Around 250, however). Something that I have a lack of right now. So here you go and I hope you enjoy it.


The Knock


There is a knock at the door. He glances at the television. Maybe he imagined it. There is another knock. Abrupt. Menacing.

He rises from his seat in the corner of the room and stares at the silhouette of the figure on the other side of the frosted glass.

He moves toward the door, apprehensive at first, until he convinces himself that the strange, foreboding feeling creeping over him is paranoia.

This calms him. As he nears the door, he glances around the stark, bare room, almost clinical in its simplicity. ‘It shouldn’t matter’, he thinks. ‘I’m not the only one’.

There is another knock. Louder. And suddenly, the feeling returns. His heart rate increases, thumping inside his chest like a caged animal.

His pace slows. Each step across the room seems to last an eternity. He can feel the individual pieces of grit and dropped crumbs through his thick, woollen socks as he treads across the cheap carpet covering the floor.

The door looms close. His out-stretched hand is reaching towards the handle before he has time to think about his actions.

But it’s too late.

The lock turns.

The door opens.


Unimaginable terror.

He can feel the glow of the screen on the back of his neck and the swelling noise piercing his ears as he solemnly stares into the eyes of the TV License Man.



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