Tales of the Dovahkiin

23 Nov

Over the past twelve days I’ve invested 65 hours into playing Skyrim.That’s nearly 23% of those days. If I factor in that I slept on average eight hours a night then it’s been just over a third of my waking life this week. Fuck. When I think about it, that is just an insane amount of time to put into anything over such a short space of time. I can’t stop now, though. It’s too late. It has me.

The terrifying thing about this is that I know several people whose playtime far exceeds my own. An even more terrifying thing is that I can understand these people.

To anyone that isn’t playing the game then I can’t really explain exactly why it has had such an incredible effect on so many people. I mean, if I really think about it, the game is a fantastically buggy mess. It freezes. If you install it on an XBox 360 it can fuck up textures. PS3 users are even worse off, as apparently the game’s framerate can drop so far that it’s unplayable when the user’s savefile reaches 5.5MB.

But that doesn’t matter. My save file could be completely wiped and I’d happily go through the game again. Well, not happily, but after some therapy and life reassessment I’d be right in front of the TV again. You see, there’s almost something endearing about it. The game accomplishes so much that some of its bad points even make me smile. “Oh, Bethesda, you allow horses to defy gravity and gave giants the power to send me screaming into the heavens. You joker!”

I’ve fought countless dragons now, restored the Thieves’ Guild to its former glory and murdered my way to the top of the country’s Guild of Assassins and I still have so much fucking stuff to get done in this game.

The music is wonderful, even if it does have a tendency to blast into all its glory at peculiar moments (when it does kick in at the right time it’s shit-your-pants good).

Ah, music. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bad As Me (Tom Waits) again and it’s growing on me more and more with each listen. Satisfied is one of the best rock songs I’ve heard in a long time.

It’s like Keith Richards and Tom Waits are straddling each of your shoulders and furiously fucking your ears.

Last week I bought the latest Wilco album, The Whole Love. I haven’t formed a solid opinion of it yet, but it is positive. The first track finishes with a guitar solo that completely took me off guard. I would never expect anything like it in a Wilco song. After listening to it for the first time, I listened to the song again and just sat in silence admiring it. It’s amazing.

I’m going to play more Skyrim now. I will not shame myself by pretending to do otherwise.



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