So, it’s been a while…

22 Oct

What? I think I can just waltz back in here like I was never gone for nearly two fucking weeks and just continue on as usual? Yes, I do think I can do that. And I will.

I’ve been busy. Extremely busy. By this, of course, I mean that I’ve been both playing and watching Pokémon in equally pathetic amounts. But I’m not here to brag. I’m here to talk.

Over the last while, truthfully, I haven’t done a great deal other than watch, play and listen. The latest Terry Pratchett book, Snuff, arrived through my door last week and as excited as I am, I haven’t touched it. I will. Just not yet. I’ve been filling my mind with other things. TV mostly. I’ve watched the first season of the american version of Wilfred. It’s great.

This show is actually a documentary of Elijah Wood’s normal life.

If you don’t know what Wilfred is, here’s a brief description: Elijah Wood and this australian guy in a dog suit smoke a lot of weed and get up to some crazy shit.

I know, I know, you’re sold already. But wait, before you start furiously channel-flicking, it gets better. It really is hilarious. Most of the humour from the show stems from the dog character, Wilfred. There are a lot of pot jokes, a lot of dog jokes and a lot of insanity. On repeated viewings I found myself picking up on a good deal of subtle jokes that I’d missed the first time I watched it and I appreciated it so much more.

Aside from this, the show has a lot of darker elements. It does follow a loose story arc and at times it can be seriously head melting, in a good way. It makes you think.

On Monday the latest Tom Waits album is finally coming out. I have it all planned. A private listening party: a bottle of whisky, some good friends and a quiet room to get lost in the music. I’ve been avoiding listening to it and no matter how enticing it gets I will not hear a note from that album until Monday night.

In other news.

I still haven’t finished Deus Ex. I’m not stuck. I didn’t get bored of it. I just… stopped playing. To be honest, I haven’t switched my XBox on for more than a week and (as I think I’ve already made clear) I have nothing to show for it. There has been no increase in productivity, I haven’t written a word since my last post here and I haven’t created anything, learnt any new skills or even done anything remotely interesting other than watch and listen to way too much TV and music.

So I don’t have any amusing stories to regale. I have nothing to complain about. Come to think of it, I don’t really have much else to talk about. I’m gonna go ahead and say that this is because I’m adjusting to getting up for classes again and whatnot (which is a bullshit excuse, but it will do) and I will attempt to experience more in the near future so I have something to write about. I’ll do things this week. I’ll see things. I shall live and then I shall write.

And if that fails, I’ll make something up.



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