The Wall of Text or: How I Learned to Forget About Pictures and Just Write.

11 Oct

I walk into the room and I see it immediately. I feel my throat swell and my fists clench of their own accord. I see red. The rage is building. Darkness.

Hours later, I come to. Everything is hazy. My head is sore and dried blood is clinging to my finger nails like a child holding on to its mother’s arm in terrbile darkness.

This inexplicably happens to me every time I find that someone has decided to set a glass or bowl or some other container for food/drink on a CD or DVD case, regardless of whether or not the rest of the table is completely free. A coaster could be placed right beside it and yet some people will automatically go for the case every time.

I find it hard to understand the logic in this. Do these people like having rings dented into their belongings? In extreme cases of this disorder, some will find it necessary to leave hot mugs on top of discs as well. My rage blackouts are much longer in these cases.

I’ll admit, sometimes I can be careless with discs. Sometimes, I’ll forget to leave them back in their cases. Sometimes, I don’t forget and I’m simply too lazy to do it (See The Issue With Being Idle for further details regarding this). But, I never use them as coasters, nor their beautiful little homes.

Speaking of discs, today I had the pleasure of pre-ordering the soon-to-be-released new album from Tom Waits, Bad As Me. I can only dream that some day I will be as bad as that man. He’s a fantastically consistent artist and while maintaining such a high standard he still manages to experiment and veer wildly into the unknown. Seriously, check out Rain Dogs. It’s the second album in a trilogy that follows a man named Frank through different periods of his life. It’s chaotic and wild and brilliant. I cannot wait for the newest addition to his huge repertoire of music.

In other news, I’m thinking of adding some short fictional pieces to future posts if I feel it would be relevant or at the very least, amusing. Writing this as often as I do has decreased the amount of time I have to write other things, so incorporating fiction into this blog would kill two birds with one boulder (I have terrible aim). But I’m not entirely sure about this yet.

I’m choosing to leave this post without any images, or as we say in the industry sans pictures. This is mainly because I’m not in a positionto go scouring the mighty internet in search of them right now and also because (unfortunately) I have work to do. This is also the reason why this post is so short.

I will, however, leave you with a question: Is it just me or are Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow eerily similar? I’ve realised over the last week or so that I cannot differentiate between these women. If one is in a film I’m watching, I usually take a 50/50 shot at who it is and I’m wrong a large proportion of the time.

Have they ever been in a film together? Just a thought.



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