An Observation of Oddity

6 Oct

There are some people in the word who behave in a strange and sometimes mysterious manner. They could be doing something entirely innocent and with great reason, but without context they appear to be in the grip of some terrible hallucination. Or, on the other hand, they could actually be operating under the command of some dark force.

“Hah! Yes! Make everyone around you confused by your behaviour! My plan is complete!”

Every time I encounter one of these people, I’m left perplexed and sometimes at a complete loss for words. Last week I had such an encounter. I was in a university building and I’d stopped in a hallway to put some things in my bag. I had two sheets of paper in my hand, I set one down on a table next to me and I kept one in my hand as I re-arranged my bag. When I finished doing this, I placed the sheet from my hand into my bag and turned to walk away. Two things happened then, but first I’ll need to describe the place where I was standing in a bit more detail.

Near the staircase to go down to the ground floor, the hallway opens up into a large square area. If you had just came out of the hallway into this area, you would see the staircase directly in front of you, to your right is the wall of the corridor, continuing as before to the staircase, and to your left the wall falls away into an open area. At this point in my story I was located beside a desk a little into the more open area.

Two things happened simultaneously. I realised that I had left a sheet of paper sitting on the desk and turned around to go back for it. At the same time, another guy had just left the hallway and was heading diagonally to the desk where my piece of paper was sitting. He had a strange look in his eye. As I turned, walked back and picked up the piece of paper I was watching him. His eyes were firmly fixed on my page the whole time. It was lust. I could almost feel his penetrating stare piercing the paper and robbing it of its innocence. When the paper had been returned to my bag, this guy immediately looked flustered and then changed direction, exiting via the stairs.

I was left feeling amazed. What the hell had just happened? The guy hadn’t seen me set the paper down. I’m sure of that, so I don’t think he was going to pick it up to return it to me. Was he going to take it for himself? He wasn’t in my course so it couldn’t have been useful to him. Maybe he’s just a nice guy, maybe he was picking it up to bring it to the office in case someone came looking for it. So stop being a dick. Was he just curious? Upon seeing a page left on a table twenty feet away from him, the temptation had become overwhelming, he had to know what it was.

I have a feeling it was something far more sinister than I’ve already imagined. Something that my fragile mind couldn’t begin to comprehend. So I’ll do my best to let it go, to forget, before it consumes me. As maybe it once consumed him.

If you feel like I’ve wasted your time after you read this or if you’re saying, “This guy is just complaining about someone being nice, what’s the deal?” just remember that you weren’t there. Also, I’m pretty sure he had an erection.



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